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4 Most Beautiful Sightseeing Places in Dalat About Night

Updated: 04 Jun, 2019 lúc June 04, 2019
If Da Lat during the day is a poetic landscape that fascinates people, this foggy city will bring a sparkling beauty like a fairyland at night. The lanterns illuminating the flower garden of Camp Mat, or the sparkling colors of the city on the lights, the colorful lights surround Xuan Huong Lake, ... all the shimmering lights adorn the curtain. the night of the foggy street is more blurry. Therefore, when having the opportunity to travel to Da Lat, do not ignore the ideal places to see the city in the true night that will list in this article.
Phố núi lên đèn huyền ảo trong đêm
The mountain town lights up mysteriously in the night - Photo: Quy Tran


Referring to Lam Dong tourism, it is impossible to ignore the attractive tourist land located on Lam Vien plateau of this province, which is Da Lat - the foggy city. Da Lat is a beautiful land with rich nature, famous for many beautiful and rare flowers. Along with the mild climate, cool and pleasant weather, this place soon became a tourist destination to attract domestic and foreign visitors. Arriving in Da Lat, the first place that you will come across is the poetic Xuan Huong Lake in the heart of the city, which is also called the "heart" of Da Lat.

Hồ Xuân Hương phản chiếu ánh đèn đêm lung linh
Ho Xuan Huong reflected the sparkling night light - Photo: Quy Tran

Ho Xuan Huong in the day brings a poetic beauty and peace, the lake surface is like a giant mirror reflecting the blue sky. At Xuan Huong Lake, the grass flowers are racing to show off even though in any season, the shadow will fall on the lake surface, creating a romantic and poetic setting. From early morning to late afternoon, the shore of the lake is not always absent from people, when the people run the gym, when they carry the street and especially many tourists walk around taking pictures.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho hinh da lat dem

Hồ Xuân Hương về đêm là điểm hẹn hò đáng yêu của các cặp đôi - Ảnh: Tiến Đà Lạt
Đối với một vài du khách, Đà Lạt có lẽ đẹp nhất về đêm, đẹp nhất khi cùng người thương trải nghiệm xe đạp đôi quanh bờ hồ Xuân Hương lộng gió. Ánh đèn đường trên phố, ánh đèn của những quán cafe Thủy Tạ, Thanh Thủy, Bích Câu,... nhiều màu sắc và lung linh phản chiếu xuống mặt hồ khiến không gian thơ mộng càng trở nên huyền ảo và hút mắt du khách.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hinh da lat dem

When the houses are shining together - Photo: Tien Da Lat
People in Trai Mat mainly grow flowers, grow vegetables and agricultural products in cage houses, greenhouses, the very natural cultivation factor has made this land the most beautiful at night. Due to weather conditions, at night people have to light lamps in cage houses so that trees can grow naturally. The golden light emanating from the row of cage houses that are close to each other in the valley creates a very beautiful beauty that you will not be admiring. It would be more ideal if you went to the Cool Camp to see the night in the clear and many stars, you will be set to display a spectacular and unique setting.

On the small slope from the big roundabout on Xuan Huong Lake leads to the pedestrian street and the night market, there are many beautiful small cafes located close together. The cafes based on a cliff, at the foot are a lot of flowers and art paintings have just been completed at the flower festival last year. Each cafe has a different style but looks cute and is a suitable place for you to admire the city at night.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho hinh da lat dem
Corner of familiar cafe shops on Le Dai Hanh street - Photo: Tien Da Lat
Lam Dong is located in the Central Highlands, which is famous for its coffee and tea, so being immersed in the scent of mountain city cafe and watching the city at night is an indispensable choice if you have the opportunity to set foot on the land. this. Sipping fragrant aromatic coffee among the chill of the foggy street, listening to the restaurant's gentle music and the bustling sound of the night walking street, would be very interesting right?

However, besides the "good news" such as the newly opened special flower gardens, the newly opened attractions, I also saw some sad things from some unconscious travelers who broke flowers, stomped their leaves and littering in the city. Hopefully the readers of in particular and the tourists in general will be aware of civilized travel wherever they are, in any country. Only then, can our trip really become "beautiful" completely. Wishing everyone a happy and clean travel season!