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Beautiful natural scenery of Vietnam

Cập nhật: 13 thg 6, 2019 lúc tháng 6 13, 2019
Foreign Country "- Thanh Vuong

The author shared: "My hometown is a sunken area. When the harvest is over, my relatives collect straw to build each mound. It is a way to store food for cattle when floods come and winter comes. not burning to pollute the environment ".

"Go Tao temple" - Nguyen Dung

A photo of an ancient temple in Tan Dong commune, Go Cong Dong district, Tien Giang province.

"Fall of Ban Gioc waterfall" - Vo Hoang Vu

The work was taken on the first trip of the author, the Da Nang people, to Cao Bang. "The photo was taken at the top floor of the waterfall, when the golden afternoon sun draped on the trees on the falls. It was the best moment of autumn, the wonderful moment and luck for me. I want to show the softness of the waterfall, the softness of the autumn colors but still take all the mountains to show the stability and certainty, the yin and yang harmony ".

"Suoi Yen is located in the scenic relic of Huong Pagoda, in Huong Son commune, My Duc district, Hanoi. During a visit to Suoi Yen with friends in mid-September, I felt the beauty of heaven. The scenery of Huong Son is beautiful in all four seasons, but the most beautiful is still in the autumn, the non-festival season, the whole length of the stream is covered with a purple and pink color of the flowers. guns, and the two sides of the bank are the melaleuca melaleuca trees, "the author shared.

The photo was taken during an author's trip to Cao Bang. "Before I came to Ban Gioc waterfall, I was able to see photos and listen to some friends talking about this landscape. When I arrived, I was really surprised by the beauty and grandeur of the nature here", the author share.

"Peace" - Nguyen Anh Phuong

The photo was taken on February 22, 2014, in a trip to hunt for the artist's art in the countryside. "The weather is good, the sky is windy, I can't miss the opportunity, I keep recording my own moments with different angles. I feel every moment is changing and changing. It's still, So peaceful, so comfortable ".

"Color" - Cao Quang Trung

The photo was taken during a picnic with the author's travel survey and a number of colleagues in Ba Be - Thac Ba - Suoi Giang - Mu Cang Chai. Picture taken in Che Cu Nha - one of the three places where the most beautiful terraced fields Mu Cang Chai.

"New rice flavor in the season" - Tran Trung Hau

"This is a terraced field located near a small village in the Bat Xat highland - Lao Cai. The layers of stratum layers like each other are wrapped together, embracing the village. When the rice season is ripe, the whole rice field is blazing. In the afternoon sunshine, amidst the rich green of the mountains and forests, there is a strong contrast in color and light, "the author shared.

"Mountain Street on the lights" - Vu Ngoc Hoang

The photo was taken on the 8th day of the Lunar New Year, on a solo trip to Sa Pa by the author. "When the sky was light, the sky was still bright, the town turned on the light, at that moment the clouds returned and I pressed the camera like this."

"My Khe dawn" - Hoang Nam Duong

The photo was taken by the author during a trip with his family in Danang. "I tried to get up early to catch the first moments of a new day on My Khe beach. I felt a very beautiful beauty but also very peaceful."

"Downstream" - Nguyen Hoang Thanh

The author said, the photo was taken at Bich Dong on March 11, 2013 with Canon 5d2 24-105. ISO 100 - 105mm - F6.3 - 1/160.

"Landscape of Ganh Da Dia" - Huynh Le Vien Duy

"I returned to Phu Yen to hit the storm, during a rainy and windy week, but every morning I went on a motorbike with a distance of 40km to Ganh Da Dia to take photos. During the six days I went back and did not take anything because of the time It was too bad, on the seventh day and the last day in Phu Yen, I was determined to go back to this place, it was a stormy day, the scenery here gave me a better dawn. The flag of clouds in the sky also arranged fish scales like the shape of the rock here, in a flash I discovered the beautiful red cloud, I lined up the basket mats symmetrically with the cloud and made a photo with many symmetrical things: fish scales shaped clouds symmetrical with Ganh stone, basket boat symmetrical with red cloud array ", t